Merry ChristMATHS🎄😁

Before you find your seat at the dinner table today, why not do a bit of maths to ensure you’re a winner…the maths for winning the cracker pull every time 😏

There is a mathematical formula you can follow to win a Christmas cracker pull 🎉. It has been found that the best way to pull a cracker is to pull down and at an angle ↘️ given by the following formula:

angle = (11 x cracker circumference)/cracker length + 5 x cracker quality,
where the cracker quality is a number between 1-3 (1 for low quality and 3 for high quality). This angle should be somewhere between 20-55 degrees.
Another fun ChristMATHS fact🎄👀 if you were to add up all of the gifts that your true love gave to you in the 12 days of Christmas 🎵 you would get one for each day of the year except for Christmas Day 🤯🎁 #christmas#maths#appliedmathematics#christmascrackers#12daysofchristmas#mathsinlife#winningstrategies#usingmaths#scicomm#merrychristmas

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