Weird& Wonderful random maths fact πŸ‘€

There is an angle above which an airplane will stall and fall 😳
But okay no need to panic, pilots correct this in most situations because they know their maths!
This important angle (called the angle of attack) is the angle between the imaginary line following the horizontal direction that the plane is flying in (or the direction that air is blowing against the front of the plane) and the imaginary line through the centre of the plane going from its tail to its nose. If this angle is too large, there will not be enough air flowing over the wings to keep the plane lifted causing a stall. Note that this stall is not to do with the engine like it is with cars!
But how come airplanes can do a loop the loop?! ✈️ Well this angle of attack is never reached in a loop since the direction of both(!) of the imaginary lines mentioned above will change throughout the loop.
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