About Us

My name is Sarah Brown and I am the creator of ‘What’s the point of Maths?’

I am currently a third-year Ph.D. student in Mathematical Medicine and Biology at the University of Nottingham, U.K. Previous to this I completed a BSc of Joint honours Mathematics and Biology at the University of Leeds and a MSc in Mathematical Medicine and Biology at the University of Nottingham. My research combines experiments in a laboratory with mathematical/computational models to describe the changes in structure and function of asthmatic airways over time. The goal of this work is to develop models that allow us to identify what is happening in asthmatic airways and ultimately provide predictive capabilities that could be used to develop new therapies. For a simple explanation of the type of maths involved in this, see this post on ‘The maths of asthma’. 

People often ask me how maths can be used to learn about asthma and this is what inspired me to develop the ‘What’s the point of Maths?’ program.

I am passionate about promoting the public understanding of and engagement in STEM subjects and, in particular, increasing the number of girls that choose maths career routes/higher education. As a STEM ambassador, I have undergone a DBS check and I have extensive experience of volunteering at science festivals, events and schools.

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