There are several institutions that provide funding for schools to cover visits from providers like us that are in the STEM directory!

The Royal Society: Partnership Grants

Offer up to £3000 (!) for schools to enable students to carry out STEM projects in partnership with a STEM professional.

“Since it started in November 2000, the Partnership Grants scheme has awarded over £1.3 million to over 800 schools and colleges, igniting enthusiasm for STEM in thousands of young people across the UK. Since 2010, 88% of awarded Partnership Grants partners reported that they would apply again.”

The Royal Society

The Royal Institution: STEM grants for schools

Offer up to £500 for schools to experience an activity from the STEM directory.

“The Royal Institution’s STEM E&E grants are designed to help integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities into school practice and to support teachers’ professional development. Activities enrich or go beyond the curriculum and often use resources that are not readily available to schools. Activities can range from shows and talks to workshops and team-based challenges.”

The Royal Institute

Institute of Mathematics and its applications: Education Grant Scheme

Offer up to £600 for schools to support the cost of mathematical educational activities.

“The IMA offers an Education Grants Scheme to provide financial support towards the costs of running an educational activity relating to mathematics. The aim of the Education Grants Scheme is to enable organisations to pilot new ideas, approaches and practices or undertake collaborative activities that would not be possible under existing funding schemes.”

Institute of Mathematics and its applications
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